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Divya Jyoti Astro and Vaastu give various services of Astrology in all over world. We provide all solution about astrological problems and help to find astrological predictions
Query to Astrologer
Get Answer of One Question for 500 INR by Email of up to 200 words within 5 days or sooner.
Get Answer of One Question for 500 INR by phonic discussion (Pre fix appointment)
Get Answer of One Question for 500 INR by Meeting with Astrologer (Pre Fix Appointment)
PLZ keep in mind this is not a computerized report. It is prepared for you by DIVYA JYOTI ASTRO AND VAASTU and is based on your personal horoscope chart. Our prediction is based on Vedic astrology.

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Some example questions
Which type of career will suit me?
Will I am lucky in future?
When will my finances improve?
When will I start my own business?
Is this a good time to change?
Shall I meet to someone in future?
My boyfriend deceived me. Will I get him back?
Will I find a business partner?
When will I get marry?
Can I buy my own house?
I am in love with someone. Will this be a long lasting relationship?
When is a good time for me to sign a business contract?
What are good dates for me to get married?
Nothing has gone right for me for the last couple of years, when will things improve?
I have always enjoyed singing and the arts could I make this into a successful career?
I have just written a book is I going to get published?
And U can say more personal question also.Astrologer Kanchan Pardeep Kukreja
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